International Summer School and Workshop

Stability of Electricity Grids

Jacobs University Bremen – June 22.-26. 2016


Smart energy grids are a relatively new development with the goal to solve an optimization problem of multiple tasks: to achieve high efficiency in the energy production, large flexibility to guarantee a continuous production in spite of intermittent sources, to avoid damage of the environment, to ensure low prices for the consumers and compatibility with economic and political constraints. Along with an increased interest in renewable energies like wind or solar energy, an increased need for an efficient storage and distribution of energy arises, bridging gaps in supply, when these intermittent energy sources are not available, or storing energy when more energy is produced than needed. Smart grids are such candidates with features of “self-healing”, designed to be tolerant against strong input fluctuations and resilient with respect to overloading. In view of smart grids the summer school and workshop shall focus on stability aspects of power grids, analyzing the dependence of the stability on the distribution of loads and power generation, on the network topology, and on fluctuations in production and consumption. Beyond the focus on the physical grid stability we shall include economic aspects that play a role in political decisions.

We shall have both introductory lectures (summer school) and talks on current research (workshop). The event will start with an industry day with speakers actively involved in power industry and policy-makers. The topics of the industry day are selected as they currently determine the discussion in Brussels.

We invite applications from graduate students, PhD students, postdocs and interested colleagues with a background in physics, electrical engineering, energy economics, renewable energy, environmental sciences, or participants from applied mathematics with an interest in these applications.


Gert Brunekreeft (Jacobs University Bremen)

Stefan Kettemann (Jacobs University Bremen/POSTECH)

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns (Jacobs University Bremen)

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